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by kesire
08 Oct 2018, 16:09
Forum: WarOverlay [EN]
Topic: About bans
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Re: About bans

Because the WarOverlay is an inside job, is there any way to reactivate banned accounts?
by kesire
24 Aug 2018, 20:13
Forum: WarOverlay [EN]
Topic: Error with autoaim...
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Error with autoaim... air battle:
If we fly face to face with the enemy and I shoot the enemy I do not even hit the enemy but it kills me. tank battle:
If I set the autoaim to turret and I hit (with DM23) the track (body) of the enemy... I stand with the tank.
The movement correction does not work correctly.
by kesire
21 Dec 2017, 06:58
Forum: WarOverlay [EN]
Topic: Rocket aim assist suggestion
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Re: Rocket aim assist suggestion

It would be cool for tanks, too! I mean KPz70 etc.