EAC detected the bypass in last WT update

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EAC detected the bypass in last WT update

Post by EACscrewsGames » 19 Dec 2019, 17:21

So it stands like this.
On my main account on a Windows edition without EAC installed and using the old version of Overlay, everything is fine.
On the Windows edition with secondary test account for EAC bypass, everything is also ok, BUT I have not played today following the last update. I have to mention that I have raged a bit for a new account, got 5+ kills each match in tank RB.
Each account was used on a separate computer with a different OS, and a VPN, so EAC can give me a bj.

The conclusion is that initially they weren't able to detect the bypass, but they did it recently and introduced it in their last update. So, DO NOT PLAY WITH THE BYPASS NOW, IT IS DETECTED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED!
The fact that the cheat is public seems will get us banned constantly, unless the Admin makes some serious changes limiting access to it and to the forums.
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EAC detected the bypass in last WT update

Post by mrRandallVar » 02 Jan 2020, 00:15

Yes Aggie, insult the girl who was trying to help and comfort you. Penny may not be a mature adult but shes got MILES on you, dear. How old are they at this point?
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