Is this cheat dead?

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Is this cheat dead?

Post by namvail1234 » 07 Jan 2021, 18:03

Will someone gonna revive it with a new EAC bypass or it just keep being dead?
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Re: Is this cheat dead?

Post by MinusVierGrad » 07 Jan 2021, 18:13

I dont think. Most users are waiting for another working hack.
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Re: Is this cheat dead?

Post by Geppothemad » 09 Jan 2021, 17:44

Why calling this cheat dead?
Up till now it works great in AB.
I've tried the bounticheats and it sucks, moreover it doesn't work in RB.
Other cheats doesn't work, or are not legit, or are scam attempts alltoghether.

This cheat speeds up very much your grinding and is really something.
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