i think admins hate moneys

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i think admins hate moneys

Post by hophenix » 26 Mar 2021, 21:22

so, i have tried everything i've got for buying a month or just a week of waroverlay. ive bought a DOTA2 Skin too for the exchange system allowed, but after a week of waiting for the unlock of the item... 18 dollars of skin... WE DONT WANT THAT SORRY....SORRY? DUDE WE PAY YOU! WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU LIVE IN RUSSIA BUT SET ON A PAYPAL OR SOMETHING! YOU HATE MONEY? Atleast give to us some days of unlock!!!!!! is not possible in 2021!!! sorry the rage but what the hell!?!??! 10 days im trying everything for PAYING you!!!!!
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Re: i think admins hate moneys

Post by HELVETIA » 27 Mar 2021, 08:38

Me too it's ridiculous think you right Hophenix they are hating to get money ! I asked also earlier for us to open the hack for while waiting for a solution ...but not 1 word they are hardly replying anyways .
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