Admin, I have something to say.

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Admin, I have something to say.

Post by cyc5216 » 04 Apr 2021, 12:38

Hi Admin,

I have two things to say.

First, you did a good job on this update.
You fixed the External version low FPS problem this time.
It solved my External low FPS issue in the past two versions.
What ever you did this time on External loader. Just keep it.

Second, Your Oplata payment get lesser.
There were a credit card payment for it before.
I know a lot of people can't use credit card on Oplata. I'm one of them.
But I did get lucky, one of my card can be paid on Oplata.

And now the credit card option just gone. So I can't even using that card anymore.

I got the webmoney account, upload my passport, verified my identity.
But still, I can't buy USD (I think it is called WMZ on Webmoney) with my card. And the Yoo Money has the same problem.

So could you open another independent payment option for credit card? And not just accept Russian credit card.
I know you may have problem using Paypal, but at least provide us a Credit card option that accept all the cards from worldwide.
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Re: Admin, I have something to say.

Post by LH44 » 04 Apr 2021, 15:53

100% agree. I have the same problem that I can no longer pay the bank card now. I have no idea why the hell the guy done that for. I hope he can sort something out for us because at the moment it's a big problem now.
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