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Description and settings

Post by admin » 20 Nov 2016, 12:12

Program can be downloaded from personal account cabinet on the site, run it with Administrator rights, enter your login and password and run a overlay with already started game. Loader will automatically download and start latest version. If account is not paid and cheat was not runned on your computer before then will be activated trial period for 3 hours.

If all went well the overlay menu button should appear in left top corner of game window:
Also, in battle on game screen will be displayed current parameters for the prediction aiming marker.
More about marker parameters:
Bullet speed - the initial flight speed (you need to put as stated in the description of the projectile).
Air Drag - projectile speed losing coefficient, typically less caliber - greater speed losing coefficient.
Target Head/Neck/Body - at what point of model to set a aiming marker, in most cases should fire in head of enemy tank. Can be changed by pressing PageUp PageDown keys or through the menu configurated one.

Marker parameters are selected automaticaly, overlay configured for almost all tanks and most popular aircrafts.
Automatic selection of the parameters also can be adjusted manualy, for this is enough to be in combat on any unit, then by opening cheat menu(mouse click on «W» in left top screen corner) change the parameters to any you need, on exiting menu the new parameters are automatically saved for the currently controlled tank or plane.

For planes prediction marker are corrected for ingame guns targeting aim, make sure game vertical guns targeting are disabled, it is not included in calculation. When you aiming on left side of screen seen text "parallax", that notify mean on which distance prediction marker was corrected.

Settings in overlay menu:


About versions:
External version cheat mode is considered to be more safe because it works outside of the game process, and interacts with the game only by memory reading.
Internal version cheat mode is considered to be less safe but much faster, because it works inside of the game process and uses game DirectX to draw own overlay.

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