Payment in Bitcoin

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Payment in Bitcoin

Post by asdsd » 17 Jun 2019, 00:32

I have 20$ worth of Bitcoin, and live in a country where online payment is somewhat impossible. And I really admire and enjoy your cheat. I would like to use for much longer.
So do you accept payment in Bitcoin?

If no, what are other alternatives that don't involve payment using Paypal?
Seriously, I will pay doubles the amount, it is just that getting the money over to you guys is very problematic due to my country's restrictions.

I would love to continue using this magnificent piece of software no matter how, and I do not want geological restrictions to be an obstacle.
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Re: Payment in Bitcoin

Post by admin » 17 Jun 2019, 07:02 accepts bitcoin, please check it
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Re: Payment in Bitcoin

Post by criss1337 » 17 Jun 2019, 12:02

Send the picture with the credit card (double-sided). Then everything will be easy. :lol:
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